CT - 23 May 2022

Essays, articles, reports, opinion pieces of note discussed at FVN in the past week.

2022.04.28 - N S Lyons - The Upheaval Substack - The World Order Reset: China’s Ukraine Catastrophe, the Rise of Trans-Atlantis, and a New Age of Power: A long read which explains great power politics in the context the Ukraine war, and what it portends for multi-polarity and the United States. An unstable resuscitation of the Western transatlantic alliance is suggested with an inversion of the traditional free trade position; The sanctions against Russia foreshadow a global protectionist system instituted by “Trans-Atlantis”.

2022.05.10 - Adam Andrzejewski- OpenTheBooks Substack - Fauci’s Royalties And The $350 Million Royalty Payment Stream HIDDEN By NIH: Revolving doors, conflicts of interest, non-disclosures have been criticisms of the US National Institutes of Health. OpenTheBooks, notable for its fiscal investigative research, sought Freedom of Information disclosure from the NIH, and when said request was refused, sued the NIH. This Report is a first look at the limited information disclosed by the NIH, detailing the extent of royalty payments to NIH researchers.

2022.05.16 - Adam Ellwanger - The American Conservative - Multiculturalism is Anti-Culture: A culture with integrity simply does not identify itself as a culture; conversely the claim to tolerance of multiple cultures within a society entails endangering (if not extirpating) one’s own culture, the very notion of the nation itself. Cultural individualism better known as “multiculturalism” is the denial and death of culture itself, Ellwanger argues.

2022.05.18 - Steve Sailer - Taki’s Magazine - Triggered: A qualitative difference between (the very numerous) mass shootings in the US is ignored, Sailer argues, on account of fixation with White Supremacy. The journalistic treatment of mass shooting events in the US is described in detail.

2022.05.19 - Jeremy Carl - The American Conservative - Towards a Republican Counter-Elite: Only a counter-elite can challenge our current managerial masters.: Long essay which emphasizes the importance of not losing sight of the elite classes, the permanent political classes (managerial elite), in the rush to cobble together voting coalitions. The US Republican Party is seeking a multi-ethnic working class coalition as a winning formula, but has continued to ignore its growing losses with the elite classes. Carl argues that electoral victories are transient while winning over the elite is enduring in character.

2022.05.17 - Patrick J Buchanan - Taki’s Magazine - Why would US give a War Guarantee to Finland?: The war obligation uniting NATO members and its historic parallels to the British guarantee to Poland preceding WWII is explored by Buchanan in this questioning piece.

2022.05.19 - Ronald Enzweiler - - Who misread whom in the Ukraine War debacle?: Useful consolidation of two interesting interviews of Dr. Henry Kissinger and Col. Jacques Baud, with accompanying commentary.

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